Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Delta Dawn"

(Photo -- Just a goose)
"Odyssey Dawn."
The name of a Kentucky Derby winner?
A new Disneyworld theme park?
Or, a Barry Manilow song?
Apparently, it's the name of our latest war.
I must have been in a coma last week.  I obviously missed something.
I recall going to sleep one night worried over disasters in Japan and woke up the next day to discover we were dropping bombs in Libya.
Am not sure what happened in between.
I was under the impression that there were certain protocols before our country embarked on wars and use of military force.
You know, little constitutional things like debate, the public and Congress being informed or Congressional declaration?
I was apparently wrong on that.
I am learning now that there was some kind of uprising occurring in Libya and that a group of "rebels" were trying to overthrow the country's infamous dictator, Monomer Khaddafy. 
But, the revolution suddenly wasn't going too well and the angry despot was threatening a bloodbath with "no mercy."
Revolutions and civil wars can get messy.
But, for some reason, (unlike other countries' civil wars and revolutions) the United States has chosen to inject itself in the middle of the Libyan uprising and we have chosen a side. -- That of the rebels.
(Good thing other nations didn't take up the cause of "rebels" in this country 150 years ago or we might still have slavery.)
Anyway, I have been trying over the past few days to catch up to what I obviously missed when in the coma.
Things like when did the revolution in Libya occur?   Where were the hundreds of thousands of people marching and protesting in the streets?  Who exactly are the rebels?  Precisely what cause and what armies are we supporting?  And, what is the goal of this latest military adventure?
But, for some reason, the video of millions or even thousands of Libyans protesting in the streets seems to be missing. 
I have however, seen numerous video clips of what seems like a rag tag little "army" of maybe 30 or 40 Libyan young men waving fists in the air, jumping up and down and holding what appear toy guns.
Not so sure however, these guys look like they are ready to lead a country as much as they might be seeking the nearest bar fight.
They don't even look like they are ready to engage in a war.
But, no need to worry.
They have the U.S. and our "coalition of the willing" (at least up to a short point) to do it for them.
Oh, bombs can you see the way to Tripoli?
Among our "unique capabilities for humanitarian missions" is a huge array of seemingly endless bombs, missiles, war planes and tankers that other countries don't have.   Other "coalition members" might, however, throw in a grenade or two?
Perhaps one or two Arab countries might show up for a photo op?
Our President announced yesterday that the humanitarian mission should be "completed" in a few days. 
Is that like "mission accomplished" in Iraq after only a few weeks?
One is encouraged with such assurances.
Still, I don't understand who the rebels are or exactly what the goal of the mission is?
Does Khaddafy stay in power?   Or, do we find some subtle way to retire him to the Bahamas and put the rebels in charge of Libya?
I still think the rebels look more prepared for a bar fight or a rave party than to lead a country.
But, then again, who knows?
Libya tend to be melting pot for all kinds of off-beat tribes, including friends of Bin Laden.  I could be wrong, but seem to remember one or two of the hijackers on the 9-11 planes to be either born or trained in Libya.
But, perhaps its best not to look too closely at who we are calling "friends" or allies -- at least for the moment.  ("The enemy of our enemies is apparently our automatic friend.")
After all, we one time sold chemical weapons to Sadam Hussein for his war against Iran.
But at a previous time, the Shah of Iran was considered our friend -- at least until that country had a revolution.
Friends have a way of changing.
Perhaps that is why I personally like geese so much.
They tend to be more consistent than humans.
As for the name of our latest war or "humanitarian mission."
I think it should be "Delta Dawn" -- after the old, Helen Redy song.
"Delta Dawn, what's that flower you got on?........"   -- PCA

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