Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who is Flying into Who?

The below (italics) is my comment to this article from The Brooklyn Paper:
It is really important for New Yorkers to call 311 to leave messages for our seemingly brain challenged Mayor.  Amazing that after all this time, Bloomberg still doesn't "get it."  He doesn't worry about crime in the parks or unplowed snow causing some people to die or kids not getting an education, but he DOES worry about planes colliding with geese! (The fact is that not one human has died as result of commercial airliner colliding with Canada geese!) 
If that is the case, then my comment below addresses that concern: 
 Geese aren't flying into planes.

These birds are normally very deliberate and highly organized in flight -- perhaps more than any other species of bird.

Not only do Canada geese fly in the familiar "V" formation, but geese also discuss and communicate both before taking off and while in flight.

The exception to that might be when geese and other birds are "harassed" and take to the skies in panic. They fly higher and in less organized formation.

It is speculated this might have occurred on the morning of Jan 15, 2009 when flight 1549 ("Miracle on the Hudson") collided with two migratory geese, after the airliner took off from an airport where geese harassment methods are commonly used. Geese don'[t normally "migrate" in the middle of winter.

The airline industry has developed a technology called "Next Gen" that allows them to fly planes at lower altitudes without creating a lot of noise.

It is now common to see many planes flying low over city parks, particularly in the early evenings.

As said, the geese aren't flying into planes.

The things we do however, CAN result in our airliners flying into THEM
.  -- PCA

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