Friday, March 25, 2011

"Hands Around the Lake" -- Becoming a Voice for Those Without Defense

 Tomorrow could well mean the difference between life and death for the geese in New York City parks.
"Hands Around the Lake" is to occur tomorrow (Saturday) at Prospect Park.  It starts at 12: 30 PM and will run to about 2:30.
Prospect Park is the epicenter of the horrific round-ups and gassings of Canada geese that have been occurring in NYC for some years now, but came to public light last summer with the killing of Prospect Park's entire goose population in the wee hours of a July morning.
Other geese have of course flown into Prospect Park since the massacre to fill some of the void of those gassed. 
The savage roundups and goose gassings were thus both, an exercise in barbarity and futility, as well as a colossal waste of taxpayer money to the tune of over $100,000.
This, at a time our city is closing hospitals and firing thousands of teachers for "lack of money."
The goose gassing contract between the city of New York and the USDA is still in place through this summer.   The contract then comes up for renewal. 
Unless there is excellent turnout tomorrow for the Prospect Park peaceful and positive event, as well as continuing, intense pressure on the mayor and other city officials to halt the goose gassing contract, then New York City's Canada geese are doomed to slow, painful and unjustified death.
These things are not said to sound alarmist, dramatic or to exaggerate.  They are cold,  matters of fact.
Canada geese have become the "scapegeese" of both NYC and much of the world for things that the geese actually have little connection with such as airline safety issues and environmental destruction.
Some might wonder why, in a world filled with recent ecological disasters, war and tyranny, some try to gain justice and respect for the few hundred geese of our city parks?
To quote the basis for the environmental movement:  "Think globally, but act locally."
If we are unable to successfully confront the false allegations about geese and to stop the needless and unjustifiable slaughter of them in our local city parks, then it is unlikely that we can have serious impact on the larger issues facing the planet.
To quote Margaret Meade:  "Never underestimate that a small group of people cannot change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
But, let us keep in mind that complainers usually get more attention (or "oil") than those who are content with the status quo. 
Silence equals complicity to the minds of politicians.
Those who cherish the wildlife in our parks are generally the quiet people who assume the geese and other animals will always be there.
But, we have learned in recent years, that is not the case.
If we want to continue to enjoy nature in our local parks, then we need to become vocal and visable advocates for geese and other animals.
Please get the word out about this important event tomorrow.  Please attend and bring your friends.
Become a voice for those who have no human words to defend themselves.  -- PCA

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