Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Resolving Conflicts -- Afterthought

This is a quick follow-up (in afterthought) to yesterday's post:
I believe that in a truly evolved society, there will come a day when we will look upon the slaughter of wildlife to resolve human/animal conflict the same way we now look upon murder as means to resolve human to human conflict.
It is not the wild west anymore.
But, nor are we advanced and evolved enough yet -- particularly with regard to our understanding and acceptance of animal awareness -- to call ourselves truly enlightened and civilized.
These days we primarily utilize courts and counselors to resolve human conflicts.
In the future, we will utilize science, ethics and technology to peacefully resolve human/animal conflicts.
We can step on the path to progressive and beneficial future.  Or, we can remain buried with the relics of the past from living in caves, to feeding people to lions to gunshots at the OK Corral to slaughtering wildlife that "gets in our way." 
We take our choices.
But, it is ultimately to the benefit of all to find ways to live peacefully with the geese and the rest of the natural world. -- PCA

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