Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It seems Canada geese have actually been "scapegoated" for our own actions in sending a mechanically compromised plane into the skies on January 15, 2009.
That plane, "flight 1549"  later collided with two Canada geese and ultimately landed in the Hudson River.
But, prior to the ill-fated flight, the plane had experienced serious engine problems that apparently went unaddressed:
Although reported on by Newsweek and CNN at the time, this important component of the story was ignored by most of the major media.
However, since the incident, our Mayor and other government and city officials have seen fit to declare a "war" on Canada geese and thousands have been cruelly rounded up and gassed from New York City parks.
Questions to ask:  How does killing thousands of birds solve and address mechanical deficiencies in our airliners?
Would this plane have eventually crashed anyway without running into birds?
Bloomberg's excuse for slaughtering city park wildlife is a red herring.
The actual facts stand to take the bloom out of Bloomie's extermination crusade against the hapless and misfortunate "scapegeese." 
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