Friday, March 4, 2011

"Ire of the Lake..."

Following is an excellent article from today's Brooklyn Paper about the upcoming Hands Around the Lake event to take place Saturday, the 26th of this month.
It is vital (and quite literally) a matter of life and death that we attract  a huge turnout of supporters (of the geese) to this rally for life, so to speak.
I will be writing more about this, as well as posting information about the special Facebook pages set up to address these issues, organize and share information.
In the meantime, if living in NYC, please mark on your calendar, the day and time ( March 26th, 12 30 PM) at Prospect Park lakeside.  Share with friends and even children that you know.
This is rare opportunity to organize and stand up for the wildlife in our public parks!
And should anyone wonder why we need to do this, just read the comments following the article and also realize that the several thousand geese gassed in NYC over the past few years represent the potential "tip of the iceberg" if our mayor and  other powers that be have their way.
Current (killing) "Contract" on the geese goes through this summer.
It could well be a very silent summer absent the poignant and inspirational calls of the Canada geese as they glide through the not-always-so-friendly skies of New York City  -- PCA

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